The Solent Deal and the Environment

This event was hosted by Liz Batten and Rebecca Kinge from Southampton Climate Conversations. It was organised because the consultation on devolution, the “Solent Deal” is taking place (deadline 18 September 2016). This is a proposal to bring additional powers and funding to the area, in a combined mayoral authority which includes Southampton City Council, Portsmouth City Council, Isle of Wight Council and the Solent Local Economic Partnership.

The meeting was by invite only: people were invited because they were engaged in environmental activity in the city. In attendance were 22 people who are connected with a range of organisations including: University of Southampton, Southampton City Council, Southampton Cycling Campaign, Portsmouth Cycling Campaign, Portsmouth green groups, Southampton Climate Demo, Dangerous Ideas Southampton, Transition Southampton, The Environment Centre, Clean Air Southampton, local churches and Sustrans.

The notes from the meeting can be found be clicking on the link below.

Solent Deal and The Environment – Meeting notes