Action plans

Energy Descent Action Plans (EDAPs) (Transition Network)
‘Design a creative, engaging and research-based community process to form a powerful, practical story of the future. Start with a vision of a lower-energy future, and then backcast, telling how it was achieved, year by year, setting out the vital first steps and the catalyst projects needed to get the ball rolling.’

Durham City EDAP: Building resilience through Community Action
‘This Durham Energy Institute small grants funded research project:
– Examines how diverse grassroots perspectives, priorities and activities intersect with discourses and practical considerations around climate change and peak oil.
– Contributes to investigating the potential and limitations of community-led planning for low carbon development and its intersection with established processes, especially local authority planning.’

Local authority climate change frameworks
Report: Working with communities to tackle climate change – Practical approaches for local government (NESTA, 2010)

Renewed Climate Change Framework for Bristol City Council
On 3 Nov 2015 there was a Cabinet Meeting to approve this report. See page 111 of this document.

Climate change adaptation: information for local authorities (DEFRA, Apr 2013)

Planning for climate change: guidance for local authorities (Planning and climate change coalition, April 2012)

Menu of commitments and actions for Climate Local authorities (Local Government Association)
‘This menu provides councils with suggestions of commitments and actions that councils can sign up to under Climate Local. It covers their roles as a community leader, a service provider and an estate manager. It also incorporates suggestions for councils ‘starting out’ in their journey to become a climate-smart council, as well suggestions for commitments and actions to mainstream climate change into the corporate heart of a council.’