Below are selected online resources on air quality that we have been using in our policy work, for example, reports, research papers and information on air quality in Southampton. Regular news articles on air pollution can be found on the following sites:

The resources are organised under various headings – law, health, government, Southampton City Council, London, science, economics, social justice, shipping, airports, transport and Low Emission Zones.


Client Earth – The Clean Air Handbook: A practical guide to EU air quality law
(version 2.0) November 2015

Client Earth – High Court case: skeleton argument (October 2016)

High Court of Justice – Judgment (November 2016)



Royal College of Physicians – Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution (Feb 2016)

ClientEarth – Air pollution and your health: what are the facts?

Public Health Southampton – Public Health Annual Report 2014  Chapter 4: Air quality in Southampton

COMEAP (Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants) – Statement on the evidence for the effects of nitrogen dioxide on health (2015)

COMEAP – Interim statement on quantifying the association of long-term average concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and mortality (2015)


UK Parliament – Four Committees launch a joint inquiry on air quality (20 March 2017). Deadline for submissions: 5pm Friday 12 May 2017

House of Commons – Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee: Air Quality
Fourth Report of Session 2015-16 (April 2016)

Defra – Draft Clean Air Zone Framework (October 2016)

Defra – Air Quality in the UK: plan to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions (Jan 2016)

Southampton City Council

London City Hall – UK’s most polluted cities urge Prime Minister to act on air quality (Feb 2017)

SCC – A Clean Air Strategy for Southampton 2016-2025

SCC – Air Quality Update (Feb 2016)

Capital City Foundation – Up in the air: How to solve London’s air quality crisis  (Part 1) (2015)

Capital City Foundation – Up in the air: How to solve London’s air quality crisis  (Part 2) (2016)

Mayor of London – Monitoring and predicting air pollution

London Air – air quality updates and includes Pollutionwatch news items

UNECE – Towards Cleaner Air: Scientific Assessment Report 2016

Air Quality Expert Group – Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in the United Kingdom (2012)

Air Quality News – ‘Air pollution costs UK economy £54bn per year‘ (2015)

WHO – Economic cost of the health impact of air pollution in Europe (2015)

Social justice
Environment and Planning A – An environmental justice analysis of British air quality (2003)

AEA Technology – Air quality and social deprivation in the UK: an environmental inequalities analysis (2006)

International Transport Forum – Shipping Emissions Discussion Paper 2014-20

Jacobs – Air quality local assessment: Detailed emissions inventory and dispersion modelling.
Report prepared for the Airports Commission (2015)

Airports Commission – Consultation: Air Quality Assessment (2015)

Birmingham Connected – White Paper: Moving our city forward (2014)

Air Quality Consultants – Emissions of nitrogen oxides from modern diesel vehicles (Jan 2016)

Low Emission Zones
Ricardo-AEA – Western Approach AQMA air quality assessment, Southampton: Baseline study to support LEZ feasibility assessment & development of mitigation measures

Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology – A critical review of the effectiveness of Low Emission Zones (LEZ) as a strategy of the management of air quality in major European cities (2015)

Atmospheric Environment – Review of the efficacy of low emission zones to improve urban air quality in European cities
(April 2015)

CH2M HILL – Bath Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Feasibility Study (2014)

Transport & Travel Research – Air Quality Impacts of Low Emission Zones (2006)