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SanEco sustainability conference

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We are spoilt for choice with student-run sustainability conferences in Southampton! This weekend the SanEco conference will feature academics, business leaders, government representatives and NGOs, all talking about sustainability. The event will take place on Saturday 5th March, 10am-4pm in the Nightingale Building, University of Southampton.

Buy your tickets here!  Every ticket comes with a complimentary smoothie and light refreshments.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. James Dyke, University of Southampton, will give both a stark picture of dangerous climate change as well as what we could do to avoid catastrophe.
  • Mark Shadrack, Unilever, will outline why it is important for large corporations to implement sustainable initiatives and provide examples from Unilever’s business practices.
  • Dr. Mike Santer, Blupoint will provide information on his organisation’s technologies for communicating information to people in offline and offgrid communities.
  • Louise Thomas, Department for International Development, will discuss ways in which the government influences large corporations, in order to reduce global poverty.

There will also be a panel discussion on ‘Sustainability in Southampton and Beyond’. Guests include: Dr. Alan Whitehead (Labour MP), Professor Denise Baden (University of Southampton), Louiza Hamidi (Real Junk Food Project) and Imogen Price (MSc student).

In addition workshops will be organised by Greenpeace, Unihack, Balloon Ventures and Enactus Southampton. For example, Unihack will run a ‘hackathon’ where conference guests will be asked to find the most sustainable solution to a particular problem. There will also be a volunteering and careers fair for those who want to get more involved in sustainability.

By Rebecca Rodney, SanEco Project Leader

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