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Sustainable Saturday & Sunday Swaps

There is a great weekend of sustainability and community-themed events coming up! Saturday 20th February is the date of the Sustainability Festival at the University of Southampton as well as ‘Buy Social, Buy Local Day‘. More information below!

And on Sunday 21st February you can update both your garden and your wardrobe via the Southampton Seed Swap (157-187 Above Bar Street) and a Clothes Swap (The Alexandra Beer Emporium). More details on events in February and March can be found here.

Sustainability Festival POSTER (1)

Sustainable Futures is the theme of this year’s Sustainability Festival organised by student organisation Southampton Hub. On the agenda are topics ranging from localised economies to renewable sources of energy to debating ‘Will bugs be the next Sunday roast?’

Delicious ethically sourced snacks will be served by CURB Kitchen at a ‘pay how you feel’ rate. There will also be the chance to meet with brilliant speakers, charities and organisations who work in the name of sustainability.

10:30am-4:30pm, 20th February – Building 46, Highfield campus, University of Southampton       Get your ticket now!

Guest speakers include:

  • Graham Woodruff, the Technical Director of the The Bristol Pound will be giving some insight to the workings of a local economy.
  • Ed Santyr from the Marine Conservation Society will be discussing the importance and value of the marine environment.
  • Jenny Josephs is coming to talk from The Bug Shack, an organisation that is promoting edible insects as a sustainable source of protein.
  • Howard Johns, energy entrepreneur (found of Southern Solar, OVESCO and ENcome UK) will share stories from around the world of the energy change revolution.
  • Chris Rowland of OVESCO will be discussing the workings of community-owned renewable energy.


Talking about a green, local economy is also one idea behind ‘Buy Social, Buy Local Day’. In Southampton this is part of Solent Social Enterprise Festival Week. Go and visit your local co-operative or social enterprise such as Aldemoor Farm or The Art House – this great video explains why:

Poster Buy Social Buy Local RGB 08feb16

With thanks to Catherine Ollington (Southampton Hub) & Rebecca Kinge (Dangerous Ideas)

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